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Now open in Norwood.

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Shumrick & Leys Spirits



Small Batch. Copper Still.

Legend has it that when the skies darken and the seas swell, a spirit arises from the depths, intoxicating our minds and ravaging our souls. It's name is KEELHAUL. Bred in small batches and held captive in a copper still. Come towards the dark side, my friend. Adventure awaits.



Private reserve vodka may just be the world's best kept secret. Every batch is distilled, not once, but 6 times for optimal quality. Serve it on the rocks, in a martini, or with your favorite mixer. Cheers.

Horseradish Vodka

All-natural horseradish in our Classified Vodka. Enjoy a Bloody Mary from time-to-time? Our Horseradish Vodka has the perfect level of spice to kick-up your morning drink.

Blackberry vodka

All-natural blackberries infused in our Classified Vodka. Our Blackberry Vodka will add just a touch of sweetness to compliment your drink of choice. 



Double-Barrelled Straight Bourbon

2 Shot harnesses the finest spiritual ingredients this side of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and is expertly distilled in not one, but two oak barrels. Drink it, sip it, or enjoy a shot or two with friends.


Coming in the summer of 2017



tasting Bar

Hours of Operation

Friday - 4pm to 10pm

Saturday - 1pm to 10pm

Sunday - 1pm to 7pm


(513) 429 - 5657

2810 Highland Ave. Norwood, OH, 45212

The entrance to the distillery and parking are located behind the building.

Come for a flight, enjoy a cocktail with your favorite spirit, and leave with a few bottles.

We are a pet-friendly establishment!